1. Is SERRA International any different from any other preschool?
Is SERRA International any different from any other preschool?”] Yes, this is a new direction in Early Childhood Care and Education for India, founded on the socio-cultural principles that children learn from quality interactions and relationships with people, places, and things through exploring and discovering in an affirmative and supportive environment. The child-focused curriculum centres around a learning approach based on each child’s strength and ability.
2. What are the special features of your school?
A child-centric learning environment is structured to support holistic learning and development. Particular care is taken in planning learning environments to augment young children’s knowledge and understanding. Teachers strive to create concept rich classrooms providing tools, opportunities and guidance to encourage them to learn from the environment and interact with other children. Our teaching philosophy focuses on learning through meaningful experiences that build interest, motivation, and life-long love for learning.
3. Will my child be taught the fundamentals?
Teachers work to plan goals, experiences, and projects for individual and group learners that match their learning styles and developmental possibilities. These goals include competencies in literacy, numeracy, arts and sciences. A child-focused environment challenges learners to discover and apply basic skills through active exploration, projects and research. All the fundamentals of literacy, numeracy, and science are incorporated into the daily curriculum.

In addition to this the learning environment provides ample opportunity to explore values, broaden communication skills, collaborate with peers, enhance problem solving skills, develop ideas and explore information through artistic means.

4. What about reading and writing?
Our curriculum recognizes the benefits of providing a learning environment that promotes continuous positive development of social, cognitive, emotional, physical, and creative strengths. Reading and writing skills are thus a part of the six most important developmental milestones, that each child is facilitated to reach. However, each child achieves these developmental milestones at their own pace. Teachers facilitate the learning process by creating an environment that supports numeracy and literacy development in a stress-free manner. Children who are naturally inclined readers and writers inspire and act as natural mentors to their classmates.
5. How old should my child be to enroll at your school?
Children can enroll with us as per the following age groups:
Pre-Nursery: 1½ – 2½ yrs
Nursery: 2½ – 3½ yrs
K1: 3½ – 4½ yrs
K2: 4½ – 5½ yrs

6. What is your admission system and procedure?
Our school’s academic year runs from June to April. The academic year is divided into 4 terms of approximately ten weeks each. Admission will be granted during other months also as per seat availability. To know more about our schools, we suggest you schedule a visit to a Serra pre-school in your vicinity through our website. Alternatively, you can call the Parent Relationship Manager (PRM) at the pre-school nearest to you and schedule a school tour.
7. What is the teacher-child ratio?
At SERRA International, we maintain a healthy teacher-child ratio. Additionally, we have school attendants who support the teachers in the daily routine.
The teacher-child ratio of all grade levels is as follows:
Kindergarten I&II-1:10
8. How can parents play the role of partners in the child’s learning process?
Valuable learning experiences also take place outside of the school setting. The benefit of time spent with family and friends, extracurricular interests, discoveries made through play is a critically important element for the child’s well being. As parents you have a strong influence on your child’s learning, by taking the time to talk, plan, experiment, play, laugh, and create with your child. This is perhaps the most important homework assignment of all. At SERRA, we follow an open door policy where parents can meet the teachers any day. We organise culmination days at the end of each unit (5 units a year) where your child’s work is displayed. Teachers also maintain a portfolio of your child’s progress which will be shared with you on a bi-monthly basis with you.
9. What kind of curriculum do you follow?
At SERRA, we will provide a strong foundation to your child through our innovative curriculum inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach of northern Italy and Inquiry-based learning. The framework of our curriculum is based on the UK Early Learning Goals covering the following areas of learning and development in children.
• Personal, social and emotional development
• Language and literacy
• Mathematical development
• Knowledge and understanding of the world
• Physical development
• Creative development

10. What measures will be taken to ensure the safety, security and well-being of my child?
Yes, in our pre-school program each and every activity is supervised by our trained staff. As per our ‘no hat no play’ policy, it is essential that your child wears sun hats and shoes before venturing out for their outdoor play time.

Yes, all the equipment and material provided to children at SERRA is of the best quality, age-appropriate, child safe and non-toxic.

11. Since my child will eventually have to go to a primary school wouldn't it be better to make the transition in Kindergarten rather than in first grade.
It has been observed that children graduating from our schools have an excellent start as compared to children from other schools. The Reggio Emilia approach ensures that children are self confident, independent, enthusiastic and generally adapt to all sorts of new situations. In addition to this, the curriculum also includes enriched lessons in math, reading, languages, science, arts and other cultural areas. The Serra child is known to be more evolved than his/her peers studying in Kindergarten Schools.
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