1. Does SERRA require me to possess certain qualifications to start a franchise? I’m really enthusiastic about setting up a high-quality pre-school, but I do not have appropriate experience in the segment. Would I still make the cut?
2. I currently own a pre-school. Is it possible to convert it into a SERRA franchisee school?
3. What kind of property is required to set up a franchised unit?
4. What are the requirements in terms of space and area?
5. Will you provide help in finding suitable location to start the school?
6. How much will I need to invest?
7. How much working capital is required in addition to this?
8. What are the types of fees involved in the Franchise?
9. What is the franchisee fee payable?
10. Is financing available?
11. How soon can I recover the capital invested?
12. Is the agreement renewable and what is the validity period?
13. What kind of support is provided to the franchise before launch of the school?
14. What kind of IT support is provided to the franchisee?
15. What form of continuing operational guidance will I receive?
16. Do you provide supplies such as books, uniforms, equipments for the school?
17. Where is the Franchisee training done?
18. How soon can the school be in operation once I have been accepted as a franchisee?
19. How do I proceed from here?